Computer Students™ is a unique record label founded in 2018 by five creators and friends based throughout the world.

They created the label to constellate the fields of scientific research, design, comparative anatomy, conceptual art and medical dissection —­—­ all applied to the general notion of music consumption but more particularly with unconventional, visionary audiophile-quality music.

The label questions how to better document, index, and archive music intelligence and work on improving preservation techniques via aluminum foil materials and heat-seal technologies.


Before our team launched Computer Students™, we engineered and designed the Type-1 Packaging made of a layer of aluminum foil coated with a protective matte finish. It was manufactured in the United States by a company that has produced identical packaging applications for space aeronautics and the pharmaceutical domain.

From early 2020, we’ve sought methods and resources to reduce our environmental impact and limit overseas shipments. To this end, we created a lighter kind of packaging that saves more energy than the previous one. Type-2 launched in 2022 and is manufactured in Europe, where all our records are currently being assembled, heat-sealed and dispatched.

Standard Release series

The Standard Release series is about new music we love and fully embrace. We focus on innovative music that reflects our current philosophy, convictions and values.

Vinyl is our first choice when it comes to putting out a record, in any length, format or speed.

Anatomical Reissues series

Anatomical Reissues are albums rereleased with highly conceptual design, presentation and packaging.

Those reissues symbolically apply the concepts of medical dissection and anatomy to music.

The design is often rethought, readapted and reconceptualized to fit a new aesthetic identity that will transcend the original work.

The native structure of the album is often augmented with unreleased tracks or new data.

Anatomical Reissues are enriched with a codex guide or any printed supplement containing analytical information that helps go deeper into the understanding and genesis of the work.

Expanded Reissues series

Expanded Reissues are albums rereleased with unique, futuristic design and packaging. They are supplemented with previously unreleased bonus content mastered in the highest quality possible, and/or never-before-seen artwork.

This series often includes studies, notes, photographs, and/or drawings by the artist and/or their close collaborators. These tell the story of the album with an eye for factual or technical detail.

As opposed to Anatomical Reissues, Expanded Reissues are presented more linearly without a dissective quality.

Timegraphs and Disc Images

Timegraphs and Disc Images are visual representations of our releases that are generated using track length data and organized per side.

Unlike sinusoidal plane waves, they are generated solely by time and not by pressure or frequency values.

Timegraphs and Disc Images can be found by scrolling down through each project page.


Our releases are available in stores all over the world thanks to local distribution companies in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan.

Online shop

By ordering directly from our shop, you support every artist involved holistically and honestly.

After covering manufacturing costs, the rest of the proceeds are split 50/50 between the artist and Computer Students™. This applies to any purchases on our shop, in physical stores or any other online company that distributes our products.

Our shop system has been designed to be working on desktop, laptop and all mobile devices. It should also work perfectly on any browser. If you encounter any technical issues, please contact us.


You can order our releases directly from the Shop page or from the Item Description page.

Every eligible physical purchase on the store will come with a free download. (Please follow carefully instructions before placing your order).

We accept exchanges of products if they are damaged in transit. In this case, please send us an image or two of the damaged item and we’ll send you a replacement as soon as possible.


We encourage preordering, as you’ll be able to save money and receive your copy before it hits shelves.

Preorders are usually available about ten weeks before the official release date.

If you choose to do so, you will receive 10% off for both digital and physical releases. You will also receive a digital Preorder Pack from us.

The pack will contain an advance track in MP3 (320kbps) format, with sometimes, additional exclusive documentation all sent via email after purchase.

Physical Preorders frequently include a physical gift as well.


You can purchase every eligible Computer Students™ release as a digital download if you like.

We always offer Lossless M4A and MP3 (320kbps) formats.

Downloads will be immediately sent to you via email after purchase.

Songs will be packaged in a ZIP file accessible via an encrypted link. Once received, the link will be active for 48 hours.

Download coupons

There are no download coupons in our vinyl releases. Since streaming services dominate, often making downloading irrelevant, we have decided not to include them.

The only way you can get a free download is to order your vinyl directly from our online shop. After you complete your purchase, you will receive an immediate download of the entire album in the format of your choice.

Discount codes

Occasionally, we’ll offer coupon codes to our customers.

For a limited time, these will provide a percentage discount on shop orders. Depending on the circumstances, they will be delivered to you via individual email or via our newsletter.


All Computer Students™ orders are available in a variety of shipping options depending on your territory. Variables include delivery time, tracking number and price.

EU orders are shipped from Italy usually within 48 hours of purchase. Orders placed in the USA and all other territories are shipped from New York City once a week.

Shipping costs are based on region and include packaging material, handling and delivery.

Since the format of our vinyl packaging is slightly different from standard sizes, we have designed our own custom mailers to house our vinyl releases. They have the perfect size and shape to get your order safely home.

CS00Mailer —— TTP1821378000, back
CS00Mailer —— TTP1821378000, detail

Standard size items (Compact Discs, Cassette Tapes, etc.), are shipped using bubble mailers made with a durable, tear-resistant recyclable material.

Our Apparel products are shipped in lightweight, tear proof, weather resistant poly mailers made from recyclable, low-density polyethylene.

CS00Airmailer —— TTP7889435000
CS00Polymailer —— TTP2185759000

If you encounter any issue or delay in receiving your order, please contact us here and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.


If you are interested in stocking our releases for you store, distribution company or mail order business, please contact us at info@cmptrstdnts.com


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