Computer Students is a unique label based in Europe and the United States.

Our aim is to question and redefine every aspect of what it means to package and release recorded music from the ground up.

We hope to offer a wholly new perspective as to how art becomes a consumable object.

We work by a transparent financial model that favors the artists, producers, designers and engineers above the middle man.

Our first run of record releases, as part of our Standard Release Series, is available on high quality, audiophile vinyl, concealed inside a radiant and tactile aluminum foil bag with lustrous album art.


Our releases are distributed in stores worldwide thanks to local distribution companies and partners based in the US, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Norway and Benelux.

Online shop

By ordering directly from our shop, you support every artist involved holistically and honestly.

After covering manufacturing costs, the rest of the proceeds are split 50/50 between the artist and Computer Students. This applies to any purchases on our shop, in physical stores or any other online company that distributes our products.

Our shop system has been designed to be as fast and as efficient as possible on desktop, laptop and all mobile devices. It should also work perfectly on any browser. If you encounter any technical issues, please contact us.


You can order our releases directly from the Shop page or from the Item Description page.

Every eligible physical purchase on the store will automatically come with a free download.

We accept exchanges of products if they are damaged in transit. In this case, please send us an image or two of the damaged item and we’ll send you another copy right away.


We encourage pre-ordering, as you’ll be able to save money and receive your copy before it hits shelves.

Pre-orders are usually available four weeks before the official release date.

If you choose to do so, you will receive $1 off for digital releases and $2 off for physical releases. You will also receive a small gift from us, often an advance digital track in MP3 (320kbps) format sent via email after purchase.

Pre-orders will be shipped on release date.


You can purchase every eligible Computer Students release as a digital download if you like.

We always offer Lossless M4A and MP3 (320kbps) formats.

Downloads will be immediately sent to you via email after purchase.

Songs will be packaged in a .zip file accessible via an encrypted link. Once received, the link will be active for 24 hours.

Download coupons

There are no download coupons in our vinyl releases. Since streaming services dominate, often making downloading irrelevant, we have decided not to include them.

The only way you can get a download is to order your vinyl directly from our online shop. As soon as you purchase it, you’ll receive an immediate download of the full album.

That said, if you purchased an album in store or from another distributor and want a digital version, please contact us here.

Discount codes

Occasionally, we’ll offer coupon codes to our customers.
These will offer a global percentage of discount on shop orders for a limited period of time. They will be sent to you via individual email or via our newsletter, depending on the context.


All Computer Students orders are available in a variety of shipping options depending on your territory. Variables include delivery time, tracking number and price.

EU orders are shipped from Italy usually within 24 hours of purchase. Orders placed in the USA and all other territories are shipped from New Jersey, USA every tuesday.

Shipping costs are based on region and include packaging material, handling and delivery.

If you encounter any issue or delay in receiving your order, please contact us here and we’ll help as soon as possible.


We accept PayPal and credit/debit card.


Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive updates, release schedules, pre-order launches and any news regarding Computer Students and our roster.

Everyone who purchases from our shop is automatically included in our mailing list. If you don’t want to subscribe automatically, please notify us in the Additional Notes section of the shop.


Physical and digital promos are available by request.
Get in touch here if interested.


If you’ve opted to receive emails from us, be sure to adjust your email settings so updates from Computer Students don’t end up in your spam folder.

For any further inquiries, drop us an email here.