boy man machine+



boy man machine+ is an album by Drose, an experimental rock band from Columbus Ohio, featuring the songwriting and voice of Dustin Rose.

It’s the first in our Anatomical Reissues series, which reissues albums with highly conceptual design, presentation and packaging.

The music explores the torments of sentience through the sound of machines across four uncompromising sides of vinyl, featuring slashing lines from guitarist Gregory Packet and bizarre drum patterns from John Mengerink.

The album also showcases CNC mills and lathes, robotic welding, pneumatics and other mechanical sonic sources to represent the voice of the machine. The results are harsh, bewildering and strangely beautiful.

It was written and recorded during the design and construction of a race car at the Center for Automotive Research in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

boy man machine+ combines Drose’s 2016 album of the same name with their debut 7” a voice, and an assemblage of unreleased tracks, all freshly remastered by veteran engineer Carl Saff.

CS002 —— 2LP aluminum pack
CS002CD —— Compact disc
CS002 —— Native and aluminum covers


Notes —— Please read carefully before placing your order.

I CD and 2LP orders come with immediate download in MP3 (320kbps) or Lossless M4A format packaged in a ZIP file — Both folders include alternate digital covers and the codex guide in PDF format. Just check the box in the shopping cart to receive your download link after purchase.

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CS002 —— 2LP cover
CS002CD —— Compact Disc detail


boy man machine+ is offered in three forms:

— 2LP with all sides running at 33rpm, inside a superb gatefold cover with high-gloss lamination finish, and a 12-page codex guide. The entire package is housed in a unique heat-sealed aluminum foil bag.

— CD with artwork and info printed directly on the transparent super jewel case.

— MP3 (320kbps) and Lossless M4A digital files for download.

CS002 —— Gatefold
CS002 —— Codex


Release Type

Anatomical Reissue


2LP — CD — M4A — MP3

Catalog Number

CS002 — CS002CD


2LP — 3700604721307
CD — 3700604721536



Release Date

October 18, 2019


Side A — 19:40:46

the unraveling
an idol
a loss
numerical control
mechanism is lord

Side B — 19:24:52

a clay mind
the man
a change
heat and patience
his reflection

Side C — 18:14:42

a room
the tapping

Side D — 15:15:71

a voice
my face
a cry

Total Time



Vinyl Image

Compact Disc Image

Structural Notes

— Sides A and B contain the 2016 album boy man machine.

— Side C contains unreleased songs recorded in December 2018.

— Side D contains Drose’s debut 7”, a voice, originally released in 2012.

CS002 —— Disc
CS002 —— Records

Audio —— [Vinyl partition]

— Side A

— Side B

— Side C

— Side D

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