Lynx is the latest album by Lynx, an instrumental math-rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, consisting of guitarists Mike Hutchins and Dave Konopka, bassist Paul Joyce, and drummer Dale Connolly.

The release is an expanded edition of their album of the same name, a groundbreaking recording originally released on Compact Disc exclusively by Chicago label Box Factory Records in 2000.

Today, Computer Students™ is pleased to make it available on vinyl and all existing digital formats for the first time.

Lynx encompasses a bonus EP of three previously unreleased tracks, Human Speech, and a massive double-sided poster.

The collection is the latest entry in our Expanded Reissue series and is identified as CS007 in our catalogue. However, the album and EP are referred to as CS007-1 and CS007-2, respectively.

— Both records were mastered by Bill Skibbe in April and May 2022 at Third Man Mastering in Detroit, Michigan.

— Lacquers were cut by Ruy Mariné at Dubplates Berlin in May 2022.

— The entire Lynx design was created by Dave Konopka.

CS007 —— Aluminum pack, front
CS007 —— Aluminum pack, back
CS007 —— Native and aluminum covers

Preorder information —— Please read carefully before placing your order.

I Release date — May 5, 2023

I All preorders come with immediate download of the second track on the LP, in MP3 (320kbps). Just check the box in the shopping cart to receive your Preorder Pack after purchase.

I All physical preorders are bundled with an exclusive 10-by-14 inch limited-edition silkscreen bird artwork © Dave Konopka, printed on Rosaspina/Fabriano paper in Italy.

I Although Lynx and Human Speech will be released separately on digital platforms, they are available as a package download from our website.

I Physical preorders will ship before May 5. Digital preorders will be automatically delivered via e-mail on release date.

— LP + EP + Digital


—  Lossless M4A [LP + EP bundle]


— MP3 (320kbps) [LP + EP bundle]



Listen to Mrs. Lynx, the second track on the LP

CS007-1 —— Lynx
CS007-2 —— Human Speech
10-by-14 inch limited-edition silkscreen bird © Dave Konopka


Lynx is available as two correlative pieces of 12” vinyl.

— The first record, Lynx, runs at 33 rpm; the second, Human Speech, runs at 45 rpm. Each record comes packaged in a 300g reversed cardboard inner sleeve that is tucked inside a 3mm spine cover with matte finish.

— The insides of the covers are printed blue, serving to visually remind the listener that the two recordings are connected.

— The entire collection is housed in a sleek, tactile, Type-2 aluminum packaging courtesy of Computer Students™.

Lynx is also available in MP3 (320kbps) and Lossless M4A digital files for download.

— On digital platforms, Lynx and Human Speech will be released separately.

CS007-1 —— Inner sleeve
CS007-2 —— Inner sleeve
CS007 —— Poster


Release Type

Expanded Reissue


LP + EP — M4A — MP3

Catalog Number

CS007 —— Partitioned CS007-1 & CS007-2





Release Date

May 5, 2023

LP Tracklisting

Side A — 19:32:00

Look at That Table and Make it Spin in Your Head
Mrs. Lynx
Explosive Diarrhea
In Snow
In Sand

Side B — 17:49:57

United States

Total Time


LP Timegraph

Vinyl Image

EP Tracklisting

Side A — 08:41:74

Human Speech
Less Messy

Side B — 06:32:44

Softly Ultra

Total Time


EP Timegraph

Vinyl Image

Structural Notes

Lynx was originally recorded in 1999 by Bob Weston at Soma Studios in Chicago, Illinois. The recording was converted from 2-inch tape to digital format at Electrical Audio in Chicago and remixed by Seth Manchester in 2021 at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Human Speech was recorded in 2021 by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

CS007-1 —— Side A
CS007-1 —— Side B
CS007-2 —— Side A
CS007-2 —— Side B
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