8:05 am

Dear all,

We have some exciting new work that we will release later this year. While you wait, we are delighted to debut our first label T-shirt drop.

The T-shirts come into two distinctive editions: The Founders T-shirt and the Classic Label Logo T-shirt.

Both are available in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes and have been screen-printed on the classic American Apparel Unisex 2001W.

We are shipping worldwide, and starting today, you can order yours from our online shop.


We hope you enjoy!
Computer Students™ HQ

9:35 am

Dear all,

Our in house stock of OXES “The Fourth Wall” is now sold out. The release is currently being repressed. You can still order your copy from our website but it won’t be shipped before mid-February 2021. As an alternative, inquire about third party copies at your local record shop.

Thank you,
Computer Students™ HQ